Square D Product Solutions from Connexion

Square D Product Solutions from Connexion

Connexion CX Power

When you purchase Square D products through Connexion, our experienced team ensures that the correct product is selected for its application and provides suggestions for additional cost savings through our proprietary CX Power packaged solutions.

Shop SQD GD Safety Switches

Square D™ Non-Fusible General Duty Safety Switch - 240 VAC

Shop SQD HD Safety Switches

Square D™ Fusible Heavy Duty Safety Switch - 600 VAC

Shop SQD Enclosed Breakers

Square D™ QO® Enclosed Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Shop SQD Ringed Meter Units

Square D™ Ringed Meter Center Branch Units

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Reduce Energy and Carbon Credit Spending

Schneider Electric energy solutions help commercial real estate professionals achieve sustainability goals by reducing energy usage and enabling carbon credit spending. We continually monitor results, ensure progress, and deploy new efficiencies. Our solutions include consulting and planning services to integrate high-impact energy-savings strategies, rate/tariff optimization, budget development, risk management, commodities forecasting and intelligence, data collection, and bill payment.

Solutions & Benefits

Reduce energy and carbon credit spending.


With our expertise, your organization will develop a strategy for operating sustainably and strengthening your competitive edge, while maintaining tenant and occupant satisfaction.

Reduce Energy and Carbon Credit Spending with Square D

Shop NQ Panelboard InteriorsSquare D™ NQ Panelboard Main Lug Interior

Shop SQD HL Load Centers

Square D™ Homeline™ Single Phase Indoor Load Centers

Shop SQD 3PH LV Transformers

Square D™ Three Phase Low Voltage Distribution Transformer

Shop SQD Combo Starters

Square D™ Combination Magnetic Starter With Fusible Disconnect Switchs

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