Smart Energy Solutions

Connexion Smart Technologies provide your business critical information on power use.

Our measurement, verification and control solutions provide the statistical information businesses need to make quantifiable energy decisions and manage energy expense and environmental impact. Our team will provide technologically appropriate building automation/operating system that meet your business?s objectives and day to day operational needs.

Building Technology Solutions

Building Technologies

Optimize Performance

A building automation software can work with your facility's control system to fine tune temperature and pressure set points to ensure that your system is running efficiently and at the lowest cost while obtaining occupancy comfort.

Potential Savings & Return

Typical energy reductions in your facility's HVAC consumption are 10-25%, going as high as 40% during operational peaks. A typical return on investment is experienced in under 1 year!

Grid Technology Solutions

Grid Technology Solutions

Frequency Regulation

Frequency regulation (the ability to provide consistent and reliable 60hZ power) is critical to grid operation. Intelligent Generation offers technology through battery storage that offers utilities and grid operators the ability to use a battery storage system installed with a solar system to balance grid frequency.

Grid operators pay revenue to access the battery to discharge or charge in small increments. Installed with a solar system, the cost of these systems can be maximized through federal tax incentives.

Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification

Plan Projects

Submetering equipment and software is beneficial to utilize prior to executing energy upgrades in your facility. Understand how your facility is using energy and where the trouble spots are to help guide and prioritize your solution strategy.

Track Progress

Measure the effectiveness of recent energy upgrades by tracking your facility's energy usage over time.

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