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We believe that that professional installers needn't be also inventory managers

Connexion Managed Inventory Solutions

From secure, mobile storage solutions to automatic replenishment, your jobsite will always having the right products on-hand when and where you need them.

It's been documented that over 40% of total labor costs are tied up in material handling. Having the right consumable products organized and managed in a convenient location is critical to increasing on-site efficiency. When we manage the material on-site, we'll ensure you have the right amount of products where and when you need it Our On-Site Managed Platform can significantly improve efficiencies by shifting the materials management to us. This can result in lower transaction and handling costs.

Setup is easy!

Together, we'll evaluate your inventory needs and storage space to determine what level of solution you require. We'll then lock in your stock levels and pricing. Finally, We'll organize, setup, and barcode label the items that we will manage for you.

Maintenance and ordering made easy!

A Connexion IPS Professional will visit your jobsite at a predetermined interval appropriate for your needs. We'll then organize, count and provide a replenishment recommendation.We'll ship your replenish order in accordance with your needs and schedule a time for put-away if needed.

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Achieve immediate benefits from our CX-Crib Inventory Management Solutions:

  • On-demand electrical, lighting and MRO supplies from best-in-class manufacturers
  • Decrease time spent ordering
  • Eliminate unnecessary inventory
  • Eliminate the need for emergency orders
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs

  • Always have inventory on the items that you use most
  • Maintain inventory levels that make sense for you
  • Decrease time spent looking for product
  • Maintain a clean and organized stockroom
  • Reduce accounting time through smart consolidation
  • 24-Hour emergency service

Connexion can help you streamline your material handling and replenishment systems and drive costs from your jobsite's operations. Our CX-Onsite Inventory Solutions can be tailored to suit your needs, providing you with as little or as much support you require to achieve your operational and accounting objectives.

Connexion Onsite Solutions

Fast track your efficiency gains with our quick and hassle-free setup:

  • Together, we'll evaluate your inventory needs and the storage space required
  • Inventory levels and pricing optimization based on historical data and our proprietary CX Forecasting Parameters
  • Our team will then organize, setup, and barcode your stock keeping units - and maintain by the agreed upon frequency
  • On-demand electrical, lighting and MRO supplies
  • Lamp and ballast recycling services
  • Get Started Today!

Your perfect companion solution for our jobsite management program:

  • Check stock, view pricing and place orders on-the-go 24/7!
  • Instant access to all product specs and support downloads
  • Explore the benefitsour The Connexion ES Mobile App or simply download our app below:

Connexion Mobile App

Connexion Mobile App

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