Connexion CX-Crib Solutions

Connexion CX Crib

We appreciate that inventory management can be a time consuming drain on your resources.

Connexion Managed Inventory Solutions

From making decisions on what you need, negotiating pricing, to dealing with shipments and returns, there really is a simpler way! With CX-Crib Solutions, you can Increase staff productivity, by reducing the number of employee hours spent on inventory that can be reallocated for more productive activities - and spend your time where it's needed most!

No matter the size of your business, whether a small machine shop or a Fortune 500 company, effective inventory management can help eliminate errors and wasted expense and contribute to a healthier balance sheet through reallocating assets and freeing capital in unnecessary inventory.

Achieve immediate benefits from our CX-Crib Inventory Management Solutions:

  • On-demand electrical, lighting and MRO supplies from best-in-class manufacturers
  • Decrease time spent ordering
  • Eliminate unnecessary inventory
  • Eliminate the need for emergency orders
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs

  • Always have inventory on the items that you use most
  • Maintain inventory levels that make sense for you
  • Decrease time spent looking for product
  • Maintain a clean and organized stockroom
  • Reduce accounting time through smart consolidation
  • 24-Hour emergency service

Connexion can help you streamline your material handling and replenishment systems and drive costs from your storeroom's operations. Our CX-Crib Inventory Solutions can be tailored to suit your needs, providing you with as little or as much support you require to achieve your operational and accounting objectives.

Connexion CX-Crib Solutions

Fast track your efficiency gains with our quick and hassle-free setup:

  • Together, we'll evaluate your inventory needs and the storage space required
  • Inventory levels and pricing optimization based on historical data and our proprietary CX Forecasting Parameters
  • Our team will then organize, setup, and barcode your stock keeping units - and maintain by the agreed upon frequency
  • On-demand electrical, lighting and MRO supplies
  • Lamp and ballast recycling services
  • Get Started Today!

Your perfect companion solution for our storeroom management program:

  • Check stock, view pricing and place orders on-the-go 24/7!
  • Instant access to all product specs and support downloads
  • Explore the benefitsour The Connexion ES Mobile App or simply download our app below:

Connexion Mobile App

Connexion Mobile App

Our CX-Crib Solutions is just one component of our extensive service offering for our contractor, industrial, institutional and commercial clients.

Additional services include:

  • Lighting Design
  • Installation and Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Rebate & Utility Incentive Management

  • Supply & Logistics
  • Recycling
  • Facility Safety Auditing
  • Safety and Product Application Training

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