CX Cable Solutions

Contractors face a number of factors that can determine a project's success and profitability.

Connexion's managed cable solutions addresses this reality by delivering productivity gains, labor savings and ergonomic improvements within a highly customizable, cost-effective platform. This comprehensive equipment and services offering combines field-proven technologies from industry-leading manufacturers: Encore Wire; 3M, Ideal Industries, iToolco, Klein Tool, RectorSeal and Thomas & Betts.

When you're dealing with tight quarters; doorways or elevators, Connexion offers 4 different compartmentalized reel sizes - both mobile and stationary, with and without spinners.

Our experienced team provides assurance that the correct reel size, parallel or stacking layout arrives on the jobsite with the appropriate material handling equipment as specified. Equipment training is available with rental options on select equipment when needed to circumvent capital expenditures.

Arriving to a jobsite on time, with the right delivery and material handling assets reduces cost by minimizing waiting time. Whether integrated with other supply deliveries or delivered Off-Hours we can provide the delivery specifications you need and cabling solutions you need to stay on task and on budget..

Our Always In Stock Metal Compartmentalized Reel Solutions

Not all jobsites are created equally. And many sites have their own unique challenges.This is why Connexion offers 4 different compartmentalized reel sizes. If you?re dealing with tight quarters or just looking for additional labor savings, look no further than to our selection of specialty reels and experienced wire handling team.


Large Metal Compartmentalized Reel

LARGE Metal Compartmentalized Reel with Spinner

NARROW Metal Compartmentalized Reel with Spinner

CXN Wire Calculator

While we can't predict where the copper market is going, we can however provide your best options for making a wire buy. Our online Wire Calculator provides an instantaneous estimate for your proposed wire buy up to 750MCM, THHN or XHHW complete with weight. The calculator also features a choice of 3 different service scenarios - each providing an optimal balance of risk mitigation, service and price.

  • CXN Wire Calculator
  • Wire Management Program

Wire Calculator

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The prices reflected in our calculator represent a close approximation to current price trends. These prices are intended as an aid for estimating only. Please contact your Connexion sales representative for an actual buy price.

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Updated: 2/5/2018

Encore Wire Solutions

At Encore Wire, we offer one-stop sourcing for all your residential and commercial wire needs. Backed by a select family of loyal distributors, we are driven by old-fashioned values and strive to always exceed expectations.

  • The Encore Reel Deal
  • The Encore Reel Payoff
  • The Encore Cyclone Barrel Pack

Do you have a paralleling job coming up? Check out Encore's "Reel Deal". These slick, wooden compartment reels are just what you need for getting through narrow doorways (think highrise office buildings!).

The Encore "Reel Payoff"is a self-spinning reel with its own kickstand - no more jack stands to mess with!

Looking to save 80% of the time required for circuit size wire pulls?Check out the Cyclone Barrel Pack; these fully customizable setups are available in 14 through 10 AWG. Best of all, they're tangle-free and require no special tools or racks!

Rectorseal Solutions

The RectorSeal Corporation is devoted to providing innovative quality products supported by strong customer and technical service. Through commitment to providing high quality products and services, The RectorSeal Corporation has grown steadily over the years. With a diversified business strategy, we are aggressively pursuing new and unique technology to solve industrial problems and to expand market horizons.

  • Wire Grabber
  • Download the Brochure

Connexion is a certified installer of Rectorseal's "single use Wire Grabbers". If you have a large cable installation coming up, be sure to specify your cable ends arrive with Wire Grabbers installed.

iToolco Solutions

iToolco is a unique research and development company that has led the electrical tool industry with their groundbreaking designs since 2001. David and Michael Jordan, the principal innovators at iToolco, have developed and patented over 25 successful products, many of which have been top sellers, in addition to winning many prestigious awards, including numerous NECA Showstopper Awards.

  • Cannon-10K
  • Cannon-10K Specs
  • Rope Tender
  • Rope Tender Specs
  • Download the Sale Flyer

"Fastest wire pull I have ever been on. Easy to set up and light weight."

Jack Stevens
Project Superintendent

East Tennessee Technical Services Inc.

"This is the best system I have ever used, and I have been doing this all my life. We are so impressed with all this equipment we are going to buy everything you've got!"

Bobby Singleton
Massey Electric
Knoxville, TN

Don't Forget the Lugs!

Save Time and Money by ordering the lugs with your cable order.


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