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Automobile dealerships are an energy-intensive industry; using on average more energy per square foot than a typical office building.

However, there are several cost effective opportunities for significant reductions in the energy used for lighting and HVAC while still maintaining lighting quality, safety, and customer comfort. Connexion's Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA)energy solutions are specifically tuned for the needs of automobile dealerships to achieve the optimal balance between energy cost reduction and enhancing the customer experience.

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Shopping for a new vehicle is a visual and emotional experience

The appearance of a dealership's facility is as important as the products and services they provide.

A thoughtful lighting design can enhance vehicle merchandising, help shoppers imagine themselves behind the wheel of a new vehicle and provide increased safety and security. Lighting is an essential part of the overall shopping experience.

Balance the buying experience with fiscal responsibility

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, U.S. dealerships use about 18 percent more energy per square foot than a typical office building - with lighting and HVAC systems generating the highest consumption. With the proper application of today's technology, there are several cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce your energy spend while still achieving the highest levels of lighting quality, and customer comfort.

Reinvest your energy and maintenance savings in your business

Saving energy means saving money both now and as a future investment. These savings creates a significant amount of freed capital that can be used for other income generating expenditures such as marketing, advertising and other promotional activities.

The Silent Salesperson: Make every area of your facility a branding experience

A strong first impression begins with outdoor lighting, when after dusk shoppers can still experience eye-popping colors. This strong impression continues through the showroom, customer lounges, private offices and finally, the service department. A unified lighting design can help you achieve these key objectives:


Strengthen your customer's first impression by drawing attention to front rows or specific vehicles with optimal color and even light distribution. Eliminating 'dark spots' increases customer safety and keeps them comfortable during their shopping experience.


A properly illuminated showroom enhances the beauty of your vehicle inventory and creates a warm, inviting ambiance. This can be achieved at about one-third the energy usage of traditional lighting methods. Energy efficient lighting also operates at cooler temperatures, reducing the need for extra cooling fans or air conditioning.

Customer Lounges & Offices

Whether waiting for service or finalizing a purchase, every step of a customer's transaction is an opportunity to reenforce your brand by providing an experience that encourages great word-of-mouth referrals.

Vehicle Service Areas

Your service technicians require high-performance lighting for today's more complex vehicle repairs. New lighting technologies offer technicians a better lit work space, reducing eye strain and increased productivity.

Key Benefits

Why is energy efficient lighting so popular now with auto dealerships?

Beginning with their low operating costs, natural-looking light and quick payback, the advantages of energy efficient lighting are hard to overlook:

  • Longer life: Maintenance-free for up to 100,000 hours
  • Lower energy costs: Reduce energy usage by up to 80%
  • Natural-looking light: Showcase automobile colors better
  • Security benefits: Immediate on-off functionality can be used with motion sensors
  • Focused light pattern: Uniform lighting eliminates dark areas between lamp poles
  • Reduction in HVAC costs: High efficiency lighting operates at cooler temperatures

Our Services

Why Connexion is the Preferred CATA Energy Services Provider

Since 2007, Connexion has been providing businesses strong return on investment and sustainable solutions through the implementation of energy efficient technologies.

Our manufacturer agnostic approach ensures our CATA clients receive the appropriate technology solution without the inherent limitations of brand preference. We provide complete turnkey services that ensure your project moves seamlessly from concept to completion to measurement and verification.


From simple lighting layouts to more complex wind and solar installations, we offer a complete suite of certified, engineered solutions to meet incentive qualifications as well as your dealership's performance and budgetary requirements.

Supply & Logistics

Our flexible and customized material supply solutions are brought to bear with instant access to thousands of quality, leading manufacturer's products from our Midwest distribution center - delivered onsite and on time.

Electrical Vehicle Charging

We can provide a total EV charging solution from design and layout to coordinated installation at your dealership or customer locations. We can also assist in securing available incentives for EV charging.


Connexion seamlessly coordinates with several leading, professional installers to provide our CATA clients the ideal combination of technological expertise and budget flexibility.

Incentive Management

Energy reduction projects often include federal, state, local or utility incentives. Our experienced team will manage your incentive portfolio and file for all applicable incentives and available tax benefits.


When financing solutions are required, our team will align the right financing instrument to ensure our CATA clients maximize their financial resources and enable a strong ROI.


We provide consistent and reliable recycling services that include waste recovery metrics to ensure that your lamps and ballasts are disposed of properly with audit-ready compliance documentation.

Ongoing Maintenance Needs

Our CATA clients have instant access to thousands of safety, electrical and mechanical products - virtually, everything your dealership needs to stay looking good and in good repair.


Our goal is to help our CATA clients attract and retain customers, and turn shoppers into buyers.

Your decision to upgrade your facility's lighting, demonstrates your commitment as a market leader, and your desire to establish long-term relationships with your customers by enhancing the buying experience.

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