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Investing in a culture of safety can increase efficiency and profitability, while helping to insure everyone goes home safe after a hard day's work.

Connexion has made it a little easier to achieve this safety culture, with a one-day event offering the most popular required trainings. In 2017, we added an informational session on new OSHA Standards regarding Silica Dust, and we'll be revisiting this ruling and providing updates in 2018 - as most provisions of this standard becoming enforceable on June 23, 2018.

Also new in 2018 are invaluable sessions on Grounding & Bonding and Cable Terminations.

All training, materials and meals are provided by Connexion location free of charge at our Buffalo Grove, IL location. Registration is required. Space is limited to the first 60 registrants.

The Connexion Safety Curriculum Includes:

Firestop Selection & Applications Training

With the constant evolution of voice and data cabling, firestop applications are often misapplied - sometimes tragically so. From industry leader, 3M, attendees will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of firestopping including, UL requirements, proper product selection and installation. A 36-month certification card will be awarded upon completion..

Lockout/Tagout Training

According to OSHA, following proper Lockout / Tagout procedures prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year. Training from Ideal Industries. Attendees will be able to audit facilities for proper LOTO use, recommend, select and properly install these OSHA required devices in accordance with OSHA Standard 29CFR1910.147.. A 12-month certification card will be awarded upon completion.

Circuit Tracing and Circuit Tester Training

Ideal Industries will a provide live demonstration training and hands on activities for the Professional Electrician using the IDEAL's Circuit Tracer for breaker identification, wire tracing, and troubleshooting a variety of electrical faults; tripping AFCI/GFCI/Combination Breakers, dead shorts in electrical devices, and cable shorts in ceilings, wires, floors and buried conductors.

Grounding & Bonding Training

Training from industry leader Thomas & Betts, Learn about the different types of grounding products and the applications of each. In this class you will also learn how to design good grounding systems and discuss the factors which can affect them.

Cable Terminations & Crimping Training

Training from industry leader Thomas & Betts, A poor cable connection can result in an increased joint resistance and even in fire. We will show you the correct procedure for crimping and selecting the correct cable lug for each specific application ensuring a safe and long-lasting connection.

Jobsite Ergonomics & OSHA Silica Dust Compliance Training

Ergonomics is the way you use your body to work and matching the tool and task to reduce your risk of injury. OSHA compliance for Silica Dust Hazards went into effect September 23rd, 2017, with most provisions of the standard becoming enforceable on June 23, 2018. We?ll review what you need to know (and do) to stay safe and compliant.

Connexion-OSHA Silica Fact Sheet

Download our OSHA Silica Fact Sheet

Inhaling silica dust can lead to silicosis, an incurable lung disease that can be fatal if severe enough. Those with too much silica exposure can also develop lung cancer, kidney disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

Fall protection and Ladder Safety Training

Did you know that the leading causes of private sector worker deaths (excluding highway collisions) in the construction industry are falls? Training from Werner will cover what every worker needs to know about how to properly wear and inspect fall protection gear and proper ladder usage and inspection. A 12-month certification card will be awarded upon completion.

Powder Actuated Tools & Fasteners Training

from Dewalt, engineered by Powers. Powder Actuated Tool Training and Certification: Code Approved Concrete Anchoring Systems, Cast in place anchoring systems, and overhead products for the electrical contractor. Lifetime certification*.

*Nonexpiring Certification specific to the tools included in the training: the Powers Sniper and P3500.


Our 3rd Annual Safety Training Expo is scheduled for: SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

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