Connexion Integrated Project Solutions

Connexion Integrated Project Solutions

Integrated Project Solutions

Today's construction landscape is hyper-competitive and becoming increasingly more complex.

From tight project schedules and budget constraints, to design changes and compliance of building and safety codes, there are a number of factors at play that can determine a project's success and profitability.To address these challenges, Connexion has developed a suite of services called: Integrated Project Solutions. This comprehensive offering, with its 5 distinct solution sets, delivers documented cost savings and risk mitigation in a highly customizable platform.

All of our IPS Solutions are designed to the highest quality standards utilizing Lean, Agile process. With the scarcity of skilled labor and its impact on your schedule, our IPS program will help you stay on schedule by helping your installers gain valuable efficiencies.


The need for accurate, timely and complete construction documentation is critical throughout all phases of a project. From start to finish Connexion Project Intel will record all construction documentation and provide timely status reports including custom reports, any utility incentives that apply to the job and finally close-out documents, warranties and O&M.


With the complexity of new construction and associated building codes, contractors and owners need support to ensure their designs meet the latest codes. The interoperability of disparate lighting and other building systems require advanced skill and training. Connexion Project Applications offers our clients a number of services including design, layout, programming, system Commissioning and Utility Incentive Management.


With the challenge of finding well trained and qualified labor, productivity is critically important. Connexion's Project Prep offers a number of solutions to help make installers more productive. From Product Assembly to Kitting, Material Handling Carts, Smart Labeling and Waste Free Packaging our prep services help keep installers installing.


It is documented that over 40% of total labor costs are tied up in material handling. Having the right consumable products organized and managed in a convenient location is critical to increasing on-site efficiency. When we manage the material on-site, we'll ensure you have the right amount of products where and when you need it Our On-Site Managed Platform can significantly improve efficiencies by shifting the materials management to us. This can result in lower transaction and handling costs.


Arriving to a project site on time, with the right delivery and material handling assets reduces cost by minimizing waiting time. Connexion's Expert Logistics Services can offer Project logistical support to ensure the right product is delivered on-time and in the right manner. Whether integrated with other supply deliveries or delivered Off-Hours we can provide the delivery specifications you need.

How our Integrated Project Solutions align with each phase of your project:

How our integrated project solutions align

Are our Integrated Project Solutions right for you?

Not every project requires the full scope of services, documented cost savings and quality processes that IPS provides. As each project has it's own unique challenges, your Connexion Project Manager or Salesperson can help tailor the best solution to address your specific needs.

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