Many schools and universities are challenged to maintain ideal conditions for their faculty and students within an environment of budgetary uncertainty. Connexion provides a clear path towards cost-effective solutions delivering lowered energy costs and improved productivity through maintaining optimal lighting and HVAC systems.

When capital improvements are not in the budget, your facility's needs are still in good hands with immediate access to our wide and diverse inventory of electrical, lighting, and maintenance products. Connexion carries the equipment and supplies you need to keep institutional facilities running smoothly and improving the work environments for both faculty and students.

Our facility services include:

  • Lighting application and design for all interior and exterior spaces
  • Energy assessments and recommendations
  • Data, communication and security solutions
  • EV charging solutions
  • Financing programs
  • On-demand electrical, lighting and MRO supplies featuring innovative products from best-in-class manufacturers
  • Recycling services
  • Repurposing science lab equipment through Science Connexion
  • Safety & Certification training programs
  • Turnkey services for capital improvement projects
  • 24-Hour emergency service

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