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Tariff Update May 21, 2019:

Mixed News on the Tariff Front:

The Good News:

The United States agreed last Friday to lift its tariffs on industrial metals (aluminum and steel) from Mexico and Canada, clearing a major obstacle to congressional passage of President Trump's new North American trade deal. The agreement calls for Mexico and Canada to implement stringent new monitoring and enforcement measures to prevent subsidized Chinese steel from being shipped to the United States via their territories. It's unlikely our industry will reap any immediate benefit from this resolution - but it's a positive move for our country none-the-less.

The Bad News:

Not much has changed regarding our trade dispute with China. In fact, Curtis Chin, an Asia fellow at the Milken (think tank) Institute recently stated: "It's going to get worse before it gets better." Most major lighting manufacturers have already implemented their price increases (avg. of 15%), and we've recently seen a non-lighting manufacturer push through an 11%, tariff-related increase (see table below).

For additional information, please access our Trade War resources below:

Manufacturer Price Increase Notifications

Periodically, during the course of the year, our manufacturers will send out notifications of price increases to cover increases to their raw materials;steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, plastic resins, and so on. Connexion posts these price increase notifications towards helping our customers with their cost budgeting and assist in any available pre-increase purchase opportunities.

ManufacturerIncrease PercentageEffective Date
Intermatic  Selective 15%7/1/2019
LEDVANCE (Sylvania) Selective 15%7/1/2019
CANTEX Selective categories: 5% to 9%7/1/2019
Hubbell-RACO 11%7/1/2019
ABB Electrification Products 3 - 5%6/7/2019
ABB Installation Products Selective categories: 5-7% up to: 15-22%6/3/2019
Ericson Manufacturing Avg. of 7.5%6/3/2019
Shat-r-Shield "Hybrid" product line: 10%6/3/2019
Eaton Lighting Up to 15%5/20/2019
Hubbell Lighting Up to 15% on selected products5/20/2019
RAB Lighting Average of 15%5/20/2019
Acuity Brands Up to 15% on selected products5/15/2019
Signify (Philips) Up to 15% on selected products5/15/2019
Mersen Avg. of 5%5/1/2019
Ilsco 3 - 6 %4/15/2019
LEDVANCE Selective: 15%4/1/2019
Hubbell-=Raco NOTICE OF RETRACTION4/1/2019
Progress Lighting Selective-Avg. of 15%3/18/2019
Shat-r-Shield 6 - 12% on all LED fixtures3/16/2019
Hubbell Lighting NOTICE OF RETRACTION3/1/2019
Legrand Wattstopper Undefined3/4/2019
Arlington Industries 3%3/4/2019
Bridgeport 5%3/4/2019
EATON Lighting Up to 15%3/1/2019
LutronUndefined increase on receptacles and jacks 3/1/2019
Cantex 7%2/25/2019
Broan / NuTone 3 - 5%2/4/2019
Werner Co. Undefined 'Surcharge' planned2/1/2019
Legrand-Wiremold 3.3%2/1/2019
Hubbell-WDK 4 - 8%2/1/2019
Edwards Signaling 3.5%2/1/2019
Lutron Avg. of 4%1/20/2019
Shat-R-Shield 3% Safety Coated Lamps & 6-10% LED Fixtures1/15/2019
Signify (Philips Lighting)9% (on all Conventional lamps & Luminaires)1/1/2019
LEDVANCE 15%1/1/2019
Seymour of Sycamore 8%1/1/2019
Picoma Undefined1/1/2019
Hubbell Lighting 15%1/1/2019
American Polywater Avg. 1.6%1/1/2019

Download the Manufacturer's Notification of Price Increase

Manufacturer attributed increase to the new May 2019 Tariffs

Last Update:5/22/2019

Questions? Please contact your Connexion sales representative for details; including product lines affected and available pre-increase purchase opportunities.


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