From maintaining street lighting and wireless infrastructure to the critical electrical supplies needed to keep facilities operational, government facilities present their own unique set of challenges. Connexion provides municipal facility managers peace of mind by providing a broad and deep product offering with the assurance of expert product application assistance and support.

Our teams sales of support associates are highly trained in the products and services we provide. When combined with a thorough understanding of your application needs, our associates and our product and service based solutions deliver measurable cost savings and operational peace of mind.

Our municipal facility services include:

  • Lighting application and design for all interior and exterior spaces
  • Energy assessments and recommendations
  • Water conservation and liquid recovery solutions
  • Security, data and communication supplies and support
  • Building management control solutions
  • IOT (Internet of Things) design and support
  • Turnkey services for capital improvement projects
  • On-demand logistical services
  • Recycling services
  • 24-Hour emergency service

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