Labor Saving Solutions

With the challenge of finding well trained and qualified labor, productivity is critically important

In answer to this challenge, our manufacturer partners have been developing products aimed at minimizing installation time for professional installers for a variety of applications.. We invite you to explore these labor-saving product solutions and the value-driven services Connexion has to offer.

Cable & Conduit Solutions

Real cost savings without a premium price.

There are too many factors that contribute to the costs - both planned and unplanned, encountered during a project. Using products expressly designed for labor-saving is one way to combat these costs. With the intensive labor normally associated with conduit runs and wiring, we're confident you'll find real cost savings with these solutions from Encore Wire and Wheatland Tube. Check it out:

Encore Wire Pull Pro

Encore Wire®PullPro®

Because budget, safety and agility take priority on any job site, Encore Wire has developed the PullPro®. Weighing less than 30 lbs, it requires no additional tools and its durability is ideally suited for tossing in the back of your truck.

The PullPro's case is manufactured from durable material that can withstand nearly any drop, but in the event you'd like to drop it from extreme heights, don't worry, PullPro?s technology allows for a seamless wire pull with or without the case.

Available in sizes: 14 AWG, 12 AWG and 10 AWG; solid and stranded, with SuperSlick Elite®technology.

PullPro® Stranded Copper THHN Wire

PullPro® Stranded Copper THHN Wire

Encore Cyclone

Encore Cyclone Barrel Pack

No tools, just pull, straight from the barrel! This fully custom barrel pack is available in 14 AWG through 10 AWG up to 7 conductors. Multiple conductors eliminate the need for numerous reels.

Features include: Portable and easy to set up - handle with any industrial dolly or cart, Eliminates the need for multiple reels, Lowers the amount of wire scrap produced, and Easily customized to any specific job.

Encore Wire Cyclone

Encore Wire Cyclone Barrel Pack

Wheatland Tube

Wheatland Tube 20' Conduit

Wheatland Tube?s 20' conduit takes half as long to couple as 10' conduit and saves you 50% on connection costs. Plus, it helps you install straighter. It?s the smart choice for warehouses, big-box retail, airports, data centers and other long-run applications.

Using 20? conduit compared to 10? reduces the couplings needed by 50%. This in turn decreases the budget needed for couplings, helping reduce the overall cost of the project.

Available in trade sizes: ½?4 EMT; ½?6 RMC; 2?5 SpeedCouple RMC.

Wheatland Tube EMT 20'

Wheatland 20' Conduit

Wheatland Speed Couple

Wheatland Tube Speed Couple

SpeedCouple connects conduit in half the time. It allows contractors to easily install conduit and elbows in tight spots. And it cuts material costs by as much as 50%, compared with three-piece couplings. Durably made in America and factory installed, SpeedCouple is available in steel rigid metal conduit (RMC) and elbows, and intermediate metal conduit (IMC).

Great for tight spots, saddles, offsets, trenches and duct banks. Same functionality as a three-piece coupling, also available as elbows.

Available in trade sizes: 2?6 RMC, 2?4 IMC, Lengths: 10? RMC and IMC, 20? RMC

Speed Couple

Wheatland Speed Couple

Roughing In

The roughing-in stage of your project is ripe for labor-savings.

Using prefabricated and labor-saving products can often bear substantial cost savings - not just on the job, but also when estimating labor-units in the bidding process. Product design, innovation and ease of use are the hallmarks of these leading labor-saving products.


IDEAL® AmourBand™ Insulating Wrap

A clean, reusable solution to traditional electrical tape applications

The NEW ArmourBand™ Insulating Wrap insulates and protects devices while providing a quick, clean, reusable solution to the traditional tape application. It fits most receptacles while offering a repositionable wrap with a non-slip finish, allowing for excellent grip that leaves no residue behind.

Features include: Thickness is equivalent to 6 wraps of premium electrical tape, 33% wider than standard electrical tape, and exceeds flame retardant properties of electrical tape.



RACO Hinged Mud Rings

Hubbell® RACO® Hinged Mud Rings

Unique Hinged design allows device to be mounted to the ring before installation

RACO Hinged Mud Rings speed up installation while ensuring that devices mount flush to the wall surface. The hinged design allows switches and outlets to be attached to the ring first, which then swings out of the way for wiring. This frees up both hands for the installer. Design also allows the ring to mount to the 4? square box without removing screws. Maintains code-compliant installations.

Features include: Hinged design allows easy and quick access to install conduit connectors and wiring, 1 and 2 gang models for use on 4? square boxes, and mounts to box without having to remove screws.

Hinged Mud Ring

RACO® Hinged Mud Rings


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