Connexion CX-Quick Quotes

CX-Quick Quotes

We appreciate the critical role that time plays in your bidding and buying process.

CX Quick Quotes

To help address this need, Connexion has developed a Quick Quotes program that enables fast turn-around on stock and non-stock lighting fixture quotes. The program is fast and easy. Simply complete the Quick Quotes form below and submit.

Our Quick Quotes Promise

Our Hallmarks: Speed & Accuracy

Stock Fixtures: 30 Minutes

Non-Stock/Specialty Fixtures: 60 Minutes

Whether you're laying out lighting for a new facility or retrofitting an existing space, Connexion has proven solutions and cost-effective products for every application. We can help you determine if a lighting upgrade is right for your client and what fixtures, lamps, and lighting controls would provide the best overall value and performance.

Please be sure to fill out the form thoroughly so we can provide you the best possible experience!

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