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Conserve, Control, Convert

Our portfolio of energy solutions enable our clients to CONSERVE energy through efficient power usage including lighting, motors and transformers. CONTROL energy assets through competitive rate, building automation systems, metering and smart grid products. CONVERT a portion of their energy needs to wind, solar, geothermal and independent generation sources. Essentially, our 3C strategy is a holistic approach for reducing, monitoring and controling energy costs in a sustainable manner.


In most commercial buildings, lighting represents about 40% of your electric bill. HVAC represents another 40% and in manufacturing environments, motor loads can be another significant contributor to energy cost. But of all efficiency measures, lighting is the easiest to upgrade and delivers the highest return on investment.


Building automation is a very effective means to control and reduce energy costs. And the initial costs of commissioning are recovered many times over through operating savings. Connexion can design building automation systems for new applications or provide retro-commissioning for pre-existing systems.


Consider alternative energy as a long term component of your cost saving strategy. Connexion can provide a wide array of alternative power solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Schedule a facility audit to see if our solar, wind or CHP solutions are right for you.

A Thumbnail View of Available Renewable Energy Options

Not all energy we use is electrical energy. So what are the other forms of energy that we use? From wood to coal to oil and gas, the sources of energy on which we depend has been changing as technology advances. Now renewables are overtaking fossil fuels, with wind and solar energy becoming cheaper and more competitive every year.

Wind Power

Uses wind turbines to generate electricity. Suitable if you have acres of building-free land.

Solar PV Panels

Uses sunlight to generate electricity. These are easy to install and can be fitted on the side of your building.

Solar Thermal Energy

Uses sunlight to heat the water stored in your hot water tank. These are easy to install and can be fitted on the side of your building.

Biomass Systems

Generates electricity and heat by burning or fermenting organic material, such as straw or wood pellets, with a combined heat and power plant.

Anaerobic Digestion

Generates heat and electricity by burning the methane produced by breaking down organic material, such as plant or animal waste. Suitable if you have a lot of space to store the fuels.

Geothermal and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Use low-level heat naturally contained in the ground to provide both heating and cooling. These are fitted on the side of your building.

Combined Heat and Power

Uses a CHP system to capture the heat produced by your electricity to heat your water.

Hydroelectric Power

Generates electricity from the water flowing through an immersed turbine or water wheel. These are site-specific, but can provide a reliable energy source.

Is Renewable Energy Right For Your Business?

With all the renewable options available, the right one for your business depends on your location and your budget. A renewable energy site survey will help us determine the best renewable solution for your business. Please use the form on this page below to schedule your site survey.

Explore our alternative energy options below:

Our team can provide your manufacturing operation a complete solution to your waste water treatment needs .
Whether wind, solar or anaerobic digestion, we're in-tune with the power nature can provide and its best solutions.
Our control solutions provide the statistical information businesses need to make quantifiable energy decisions.
The technologies we deploy provide our clients 30-50% savings on the energy they consume to light their buildings.

The process of reducing energy consumption, and controlling and converting this energy is unique to the needs of the client's facility. Connexion's portfolio of energy conservation measures and engineering services enables a truly customizable solution that delivers an optimal return on investment.

We will be happy to meet with you to learn more about how we can meet your objectives for energy cost reduction.

Our Turnkey Energy Services:

Our ability to customize and yet deliver optimal energy savings creates true, measurable value. In addition to our design capabilities, we provide complete turnkey services that ensure your project moves seamlessly from concept to completion to measurement and verification.

Whether your next project is in the private or public sector, we will ensure your project earns the maximum incentives available while achieving your organization's objectives for return on investment and energy cost reduction, within an unobtrusive, hassle-free experience.


Connexion offers design services to maximize our solution technologies to meet your most demanding applications. From simple lighting layouts to the most complex CHP installation, we offer a complete suite of certified engineered solutions to meet your facility performance and budgetary requirements.

Supply & Logistics

Our flexible and customized material supply solutions; kitting, pre-assembly, on-time deliveries and other services are brought to bear with our instant access to thousands of quality, leading manufacturer's products from our Midwest distribution center. Connexion offers a variety of logistical solutions that can address the unique and sometimes critical needs of our clients.


Connexion seamlessly coordinates with several leading, professional installers to provide our clients the ideal combination of technological expertise and budget flexibility. Our continuously trained, certified and licensed installers are prepared for the rigors of a continually changing energy landscape and its technologies.

Project Management

The complex, technical nature of energy projects requires active management and skill to deliver projects on time and on budget. From our in-house, architectural grade submittals, installation coordination and complete scope review to our post project completion services, Connexion ensures unified comminications with all parties in every step of the way. Regardless of your project size, CXN's project management process delivers the results you expect.

Incentive Management

Energy Solutions often include federal, state, local or utility incentives.Connexion Energy Services helps maximize all available incentives to strengthen financial ROI.We can offer assistance to maximize your tax implications as well.

Measurement and Verification

Critical to a building performance is understanding its consumption patterns. Connexion Technologies offers Property Managers the ability to measure and manage enterprise energy resources locally or across a broad property portfolio. Offering the ability to make decisions from a consolidation of all important internal and external metrics - Security, IT, BMS, Emergency, HR, Lighting, Metering and LDAP.

Lamp, Ballast & Material Recycling

Critical to our environment and resource recovery, recycling plays a major role in new project installations or upgrades as well as on-going company recycling efforts. Connexion has aligned with Veolia Environmental Services, to provide our clients consistent and reliable recycling services that that include waste recovery metrics to ensure that your recyclables are disposed of properly with audit-ready compliance documentation.


Financing, especially creative financing is an important component of a strong ROI. Connexion will align the right financing instrument and company to ensure its clients maximize their financial resources.

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