Fire Barrier Putty Moldable Stick

3M™ Moldable Stick Fire Barrier Putty, 1.4 x 11 in Stick, Red, 4 hr Fire Rating, Intumescent

  • Manufacturer : 3M
  • Part Number : MP+
  • Brand : 3M™
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3M™ Fire Barrier Putty Stix, Moldable, Composition: Petrolatum, Sodium Silicate, Zinc Borate, Polymer NJTS Reg. No. 04499600-7315, Melamine Phosphate, Polybutylene, Butadiene-Styrene-Meta-Divinylbenzene Polymer, Glass Wool, Amorphous Silica, Water, Rayon Fiber, 4,4'-Isopropylidenediphenol-Epichlorohydrin Polymer, Alpha-Methylstyrene-Isoamylene-Piperylene Polymer and Rosin, Putty Form, Fire Rating: Up to 4 hr, Red, 1.25 Specific Gravity, 93 deg C Flash Point, < 250 g/L VOC, Flammability: 1, Applicable Materials: Cable, Insulated Pipe, Electrical Conduit and Metal Pipe


  • Type : Fire Barrier Moldable Stick
  • Container Type : Stick
  • Container Size : 1.4 x 11 in
  • Form : Putty
  • Fire Rating : 4 hr
  • Color : Red
  • Application : Cable, Insulated Pipe, Electrical Conduit and Metal Pipe


  • Putty provides draft and cold smoke seal
  • Pliable and conformable design easily molds into required shapes
  • Helps reduce noise transfer (STC rating of 56 when tested in STC 56-rated wall assembly)
  • Will not dry out or crumble for a re-enterable and repairable solution
  • Excellent adhesion and aging properties provide a long-term performance
  • Non-corrosive to metal and compatible with synthetic cable jackets
  • Low VOC, halogen-free and solvent-free formula for safe working environment with minimal odor



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